The Torch is Passed Around

Executive Action After Report? kennedy-with-superman.jpg

It’s like the Anna Nicole Smith saga with a slightly more charismatic Larry Birkhead.

The supposed John F. Kennedy lovechild has spoken to Canada’s Globe & Mail, thirsting for dynastic DNA.

whalen-thomas-a-higher-purpose-cover.jpg The author of A Higher Purpose: Profiles in Presidential Courage is mobilized

to offer up quotes on JFK “vigor” before confessing,”It seems a little sordid, frankly.”

Whoever he is, he does have that Kennedy flair for self-dramatizing. He disdains Uncle Teddy’s choice when asked about US Presidential politics, flattering politics today’s ramshackle accumulation of notions and panders by elevating them to “dogma”!

“Jack said he did not cast a ballot in the recent Super Tuesday primaries, adding that he is neither a Democrat nor a Republican. “I couldn’t imagine my mind being hijacked by dogma like that,” he said.”

That’s sure to disappoint the Vancouver chapter chair of Democrats Abroad, who earlier enthused:

“If this was somehow true and he was willing to sort of promote Democrats Abroad and the ability of people in Vancouver and actually all through Canada to vote from abroad in the U.S. election, then I’d be happy if that was the outcome.”

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