Now More Than Ever

nixon-tricia-paper-doll.jpg Dream Girl

His campaign’s revival has clearly made John McCain giddy. Among the celebrities he’s dragged around Iowa is a real ghost of Christmas past, Tricia Nixon Cox. nixon-tricia-mccain.jpg

Yes, Richard Nixon’s eldest daughter. nixon-tricia-wedding.jpg

It’s hard to tell what constituency Cox is meant to appeal to. Nixon bitter-enders have got to be a shrinking number, and Tricia never had much profile beyond her father. Youthquake Ambassador? nixon-tricia-nixon-and-the-turtles.png

Nixon was so far down that even wholesome hacks like jay-the-americans.jpg Jay & the Americans felt empowered to record an impossibly lame anti-war song called Tricia [Tell Your Daddy]. Tragically the only version on line is by the song’s Canadian writer. nixon-tricia-tell-your-daddy.JPG

Cox kept a fairly low profile after her “storybook”Rose Garden wedding nixon-tricias-wedding-poster.jpg to Mr. Cox and her father’s exile.

nixon-tricia-25th-anniversary-nixon-library.jpg She participated in a 25th wedding anniversary event at the Nixon Library in 1996, one of the Presidential Paper-less entity’s diverse efforts to fill the seats. nixon-choose-the-nixon-library.jpg Tricia surfaced in 2002 to make nice with sister Julie, ending a dispute over Nixon entourage member Bebe Rebozo’s $20 million gift to the Nixon Library. bebe-rebozo.JPG

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