All Shall Have Prizes

Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off? century21-beam1.JPG

Hey! It’s Lyndon Johnson’s 100th birthday!

Who can resist round, and somewhat large numbers? johnson-centenial-grapic.jpg The Johnson Centennial folks hope you can’t.

To the extent there is a unified theme it appears to be a version of get ‘er done-ish hymns to his domestic labors. Recent events may have made competence in execution a hot selling point, but they are conspicuously silent on Vietnam. vietnam-lbj-poster.gif

Johnson is but the beginning of what we can only hope becomes known as the Centennial Century.

First up is Lincoln, technically coming back for seconds at his bicentenary in 2009. Reagan looms in 2011, and by golly maybe they’ll get him slapped on Rushmore by then. reagan-mt-rushmore-version.jpg

The Nixon Library is already marking his 95th birthday, so look out in 2013. I’ve been unable to detect any Kennedy 2017 activity, but a boy can dream.

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