Someone’s Designing the Bush Library – Why Not You?

bush-stern.jpg Stern Warning

An architect has been named, funds secured, the likely location is known, and a backroom operator bush-rove.jpg is, um, operational, but details about the George W. Bush Presidential Library to-be have been sparse. So The Chronicle of Higher Education has taken up the challenge, and announced their own contest to design the Bush Library.

dallas-bush-captainmarvel-mole-men.jpg The Bush still faces opposition on the Southern Methodist University campus and in the Methodist Church, and framing bush-doctrine-coloring-book.jpg the legacy

has grown ever more complex.


The contest winner will be announced in March, and they get a $399 IPOD Touch. There are no 2nd prizes. In a charmingly retro detail, contest entries must be submitted by mail:

The Back-of-the-Envelope Bush Library Design Contest
c/o The Chronicle of Higher Education
1255 23rd Street NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20037


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