Fashion Backward

The Source of Our Troubles garment-factory.jpg

The campaign t-shirt is not one of the higher art forms. For that matter it’s not one of the higher forms of campaigning. But they get made and worn nevertheless.

Not always, though. Past Presidential candidates may have been restrained by lack of ready access to the mills of Asia, or the knowledge that few of their supporters would look attractive in the items. But by harnessing the power of the web, some visionaries have dared to dream the dream of a William Howard Taft t-shirt. taft-for-pres.jpg

The Des Moines Register calls our attention to, source retro-president.gif of this salute to an earlier, less visibly sweaty era.

Neil Swanson launched the notion.

“What if someone could have a Truman or FDR or Nixon T-shirt, just like the vintage sports shirts and hats? They didn’t have T-shirts back in the day, obviously, so why not create some?”

Lesser lights get their moment as well, although reviving Dick Gephardt’s Chrysler star logo gephardt-for-president-tshirt.jpg isn’t likely to make anyone misty for what might have been. The best graphics are Republican –

Alf Landon landon-knox.jpg

…and Richard Nixon. nixon-tshirt-repo.jpg

The overall lesson is relief that most of these sorry graphics did not get wider exposure “back in the day.” And the certain knowledge that Obama’s small-town-electric-co-op looking logo obama08_thumblogo150.gif has company in blandness.

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