Moore Good News

Second Time, Farce ford-sarah-jane-moore.jpg

Such was Gerry Ford’s fate that even his bumbling would-be assassins were viewed as indicative of the Administration’s general air of haplessness.

Churchill wrote of the thrill of being fired upon without result. Ford was twice lucky. Two would be slay-gals went gunning for him, and only managed to get off one [bad] shot between them.

ford-moore.jpg Errant shooter Sara Jane Moore had the requisite triple name, but lacked the accuracy America had come to expect from lone, crazed assassins.

Like the better class of killer, Moore had an FBI connection, informing the Bureau on the San Francisco Bay area radical milieu in the wake of the psychotic Symbionese Liberation Army actions of the mid 70s . sla-logo.jpg

No patsy claim though – she owned up to it all. And now she is out.

We’ll always have Carter comutee and Clinton pardonee Patty Hearst hearst-patty-sla.jpg to kick around though.


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