Taking the Field

Field of Dreams roosevelt-t-firemens-field.jpg

Oyster Bay Long Island residents opposing the proposed Teddy Roosevelt Presidential Museum location in his hometown have their web site up, and sort of running.

Their call to arms:

“Our purpose is to prevent this 3.5 acre multi-use public space / parking field from being used as the site of the proposed Theodore Roosevelt Library. Our group takes no official position on the existence, size or timing of the Library, only asking that it not be placed in Firemen’s Field.

They explain that they’ll flesh out their objections in greater detail. That’s to be hoped for, because right now in defending the largely empty Firemen’s field they paint a portrait of elementary school students denied boat launching facilities, or something.

“It provides the only contiguous flat public view shed of the waterfront in downtown, and links the Roosevelt Elementary School’s playing field with the Roosevelt Park launching ramp and swimming beach.”

roosevelt-t-rough-rider-classics-illustraited.jpg We shall of course provide complete coverage of the battle of the flood plain.

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