Rough Edges To Slick Trades

clinton-rogin-impeachment-trial.jpg Sword of the Republic,Sheathed

The Washington Post sends us hurtling back in time to the white hot passions of the Clinton Impeachment Trial. One time Impeachment Trial Manager James Rogin lost his House seat in the wake of the trial, and is now a state judge in California.

He’s been reaching out to Bill Clinton, in what the Post presents as a comeback strategy in service of Rogin’s wish to be a federal judge. He sent Clinton photographs and impeachment memorabilia, and after Clinton’s heart surgery Rogin sent a copy of his book rogin-rough-edges-cover.jpg and flowers. Clinton responded with graceful thank you notes.

“It’s almost as if Rogan has been slowly apologizing over the past decade for his role in the impeachment, a critical reason for his defeat in the 2000 elections. It also may well cost Rogan, now a California state judge, a lifetime appointment to the federal bench…More than thank-you notes, Rogan needs Clinton’s blessing to move forward his nomination to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.”

But then the paper mentions Rogin’s real problem, the block on his nomination by California Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

“She declines to say whether her distaste for the impeachment crusade against Clinton has anything to with her opposition to [Rogin’s] nomination…Boxer’s spokeswoman, Natalie Ravitz, tells On the Hill that it’s all about Rogan’s anti-liberal record on the environment, guns and labor, which she said is “completely out of sync” with California.”

So the Post tells a lovely story, with no there there. How sucking up to Clinton, who has no Senate vote, advances Rogin is mysterious.

And why Boxer, whose daughter is divorced from Clinton’s brother-in-law, would be won over by flowers for Bill is unclear.

The Boxer Rodham’s, In Happier Times white-house-wedding-rodham-boxer.jpg

Rogin ends up trading flowers, remaindered books and Lindsey Graham souvenirs for Clinton autographs with real market value.

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