“Anchor To Windward” Sinks Speech

bush-painting-artist-g-bud-swenson.jpg The Offenders cheney-painting-artist-g-bud-swenson.jpg

Flag Desecration OK, but don’t offend the Bushs.

We will probably have to wait until the next even numbered year for a stormy Congressional Flag Desecration vote, but George H.W. Bush’s inland neighbors in Kennebunk Maine are focusing instead on what really matters: caricatures of the current President and Vice President.

Artist and apparent local crank G. Bud Swenson bush-artist-g-bud-swenson-hanging.jpg makes paintings in part from cut up flags. A Kennebunk Free Library show was fine with that after some hesitation, but at the last minute demanded he yank two paintings.

The Library’s director told seacostonline that the paintings “crossed the bounds of acceptable community standards.”

The show went on without our leaders’ portraits, and the library hopes to bore everyone into silence with two “public forums” and a little dialoguin’

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