Onto Berlin


The Berlin Wall has been down 18 years today, but America never tires of the old concrete chunks left over. Pieces grace all your finer Presidential Libraries, no matter how strained their relationship is to the Wall.

And we usually display them West side out with all the pretty graffiti.

Roosevelt: berlin-fdr.jpg only link is this hideous sculpture made by a Churchill Granddaughter from Wall.

Truman: berlin-westminster.jpg see where she got the semi-human shapes above? Still more Churchill relative art at Westminster College where Truman invited Churchill to let rip.

Eisenhower: none – Wall but a gleam in Walter Ulbrecht’s eye then. ulbrecht.jpg

Kennedy: berlin-kennedy.jpg because it was built on his watch?

Johnson: sadly, no.

Nixon: berlin-nixon.jpg because it existed simultaneously with his Presidency?

Ford: berlin-ford.jpg same as above, and US established diplomatic relations with DDR.

Carter: none.

Reagan: berlin-reagan-bust.jpg leapt into the future and tore down his own-self.

Plus one inside: berlin-2nd-reagan.jpg

Plus at the Ronald Reagan Building in DC: berlin-reagan-bldg.jpg

Plus one at the “Reagan Ranch” [downhill from it in Santa Barbara]: berlin-yaf.jpg

Bush: berlin-bush-outdoor.jpg fell while in office.

Another, indoors: berlin-bush-indoor.jpeg

Other Americans have different ways of displaying the Wall: berlin-las-vegas-the-mens-bathroom-at-the-main-street-station-hotel-and-casino.jpg

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