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beschloss.jpg Punting In the Panhandle State

Michael Bechloss has paused in the midst of his perpetual book tour to give George W. Bush a pass on Iraq.

Alighting in Norman Oklahoma, America’s best quaffed “Presidential Historian” discussed Iraq with University of Oklahoma President [and former Senator/Governor] David Boren.

In a display of the agility for which he is renowned, Bechloss lowered the bar for President Bush while simultaneously kicking the can down the road.

The Norman Transcript [via HNN] reports that Bechloss said Bush “… told the American public they were going in for weapons of mass destruction… If he really believed that, history will understand, he said. But if he only used that as a pretext, historians will judge him.” secre-wars.jpg

“Only President Bush knows that, and that’s why we have to wait 30 or 40 years,” Beschloss said.

So crackpot intentions may trump actual disaster! Enjoy the wait!

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