Goodluck with That

Nigeria’s President Reverts To Type 


Goodluck Jonathan Social Times, “Your Social Media Source,” has discovered a new internet hero, the leader of a nation who engages with his public not just at election time, but online.  Meet Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria and Facebook aficionado.

Goodluck Jonathan Jonathan is West Africa’s Mohamed Nasheed,  a man we’ve never heard of  doing ostensibly good things in a country we don’t care about, helped by the magic of the Internet.

Goodluck Jonathan  The Nigerian President inherited office when his predecessor died, and his version of a listening tour includes writing and reading posts, by someone if not him.  Social Times says “Goodluck Jonathan shows The World How How Politicians Should Use Facebook,” citing his vast following and the fount of commentary unleashed by his musings.

And it’s all for the children:

Jonathan’s Facebook account is not part of a political campaign or a marketing strategy. It is not simply there so that his government can say they “understand social media and new technology”. He is using Facebook as a tool to engage in a two-way conversation with his citizens, hearing their concerns and raising his own. This increases transparency and accountability, while showing the world that his government is active and concerned about its citizens.

Goodluck Jonathan  Social Times‘s example of Jonathan’s minding the little people is his reversing his own decision barring Nigeria’s soccer team from play after their poor World Cup showing, after the keyboard army mobilized. That FIFA threatened to ban any Nigerian team from any play anywhere apparently didn’t figure in.

Goodluck Jonathan  And all the transparency Jonathan has emitted on Facebook hasn’t kept his supporters from silencing critics the old fashioned way, by shutting down their political rallies.

Dick Nixon To Kick Around Again!

Legends Of The Fall

It’s come to this: after being around for 20 years, the Nixon Library’s best spokesman defending the Nixon “legacy” is creationist fraudster and imaginary civil rights veteran Ben Stein.

The  celebration of 20 proud years is in the spirit of the man, with events featuring such 60s legends as Freddie “The Jew Counter” Malek.

The Library spent most of these years with no actual Nixon presidential documents. It’s been a place of song, myth, and wedding rentals,  staffed by the fervent few who still believe Nixon’s vindication will come, someday. celebrates Nixon’s Twenty Years Of Lustration.

Bedford Falls: World War Two Done Right?

Quit Your Stalin

Americans like to think of D-Day as a splendid battle which, while tough, prefigured our inevitable sweep to victory over Germany. How it came to be  that most of the German army was elsewhere, or where the slave laborers who built the Germans’ “Atlantic Wall” came from are petty distractions.

So it comes as no surprise that Joseph Stalin is becoming unwelcome at a Virginia war memorial, reminding us that we didn’t beat Hitler all by our lonesome.

   Bedford Virginia’s National D-Day Memorial is a vast crop circle of memorials,

with hideous arches,

and landing beach recreations.

And statues.  There is an Eisenhower statue in its own “Tuscon folly” , but somehow it’s not controversial that the father of Reyonlds Wrap gets to slap his name on the garden.

Among busts of famed war leaders Stalin makes the cut, and the planners have mumbled something about the Russians fighting over yonder contributing to the D-Day victory.

To the world’s outrage.

Skunk At The Picnic 

The creators are making an effort, possibly unique in American public recollection of the war, at remembering the Soviet people’s epic sacrifice in defeating fascism.  No doubt Stalin was guilty of many crimes, but he’s hardly the only problem with the proposed memorial if we are going to get fussy.

Perhaps the trouble stems from the monument’s defference to “great man” history  Why is Harry Truman there?  He wasn’t even Vice President at the time of the landing

Rush Limbaugh: Creepy & Kooky

   Adams Family Now                           Limbaugh introduces Rogers to Page2Live in 2008 on the red carpet  of the gala of his lawyer, Roy Black, in Miami

From Palm Beach, a sunny place for shady people, comes a presidential offspring bulletin.

Beloved folk hero Rush Limbaugh has married a descendant of famed one-termer John Adams. Guests for the hillbilly heroin fan‘s fourth traditional marriage included animal-human hybrid James Carville and noted pubic hair detective Clarance Thomas.

The Thomas invitation may be tempting fate. Himself divorced, the Supreme Court Justice presided over Limbaugh’s third wedding.   Other divorced guests present included Karl Rove, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Tom Watson.

The bride’s provenance raises the disturbing prospect that Rush might be present for the long dreamed of unvieling of Washington’s own all Adams memorial.


The Nixon Library Tonight: Dick Jokes Never Fail



There’s Always Room For Dick!

 The Nixon Foundation kicks off the mad Fathers Day rush with the “perfect” gift for the rage bear you love: Dick “Dick” Morris’s “Take Back America.” Hours from now Morris himself takes the stage at the Nixon Library, and as of yesterday tickets were still available!

Its a return engagement with History for Morris, who makes the Nixon a regular stop on his book flogging excursions.  The cousin of former Nancy Reagan walker Roy Cohn is  currently pushing one of three titles he’s managed to get out of the still somewhat fresh Obama administration, seamlessly moving to a new host from his Clinton period as a “bird that lives by eating ticks off the rhino’s back.

Morris is a past profaner of sacred parental-related holidays,  and why the Nixon chooses to link the toe-sucking whore-hound whose only child is not his wife’s to America’s sacred celebration of Fatherhood is unclear.