Richard Nixon’s Comic Legacy: Monica Crowley Capers

Dick Gets Off A Good One  



Nixon post-presidential kitten with a whip Monica Crowley  is cracking wise, favoring America with her lighter side.  Crowley normally spews forth  venomous chatter for the thoughtful conservatives of Fox News, but apparently views her Twitter feed as a fount of humor.

Crowley’s comic career began with Richard Nixon’s political death, as he used his New Jersey exile to emit an endless series of ponderous tomes.

Book Learning   


While decent people looked away, hoping Nixon would slink into the shadows from which he came, Crowley saw opportunity. She wormed her way into the great man’s shrunken entourage, assisting on several of his awful books. Some saw her comic potential early.

That, the involuntary kindness of strangers,  “striking” blond hair, and she was on her way.

Crowley’s latest cutups concern Rush Limbaugh muse Sandra Fluke.  Fluke’s engagement has gotten some notice, and Crowley did not disappoint:

 Some apparently failed to see Mo-Cro’s sly wit, requiring her to lament the Professional Left’s tone deafness: 


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