Make Your Own Special JFK Assassination Memory!

You’ll Always Remember When You First Heard Mad Men: Duck Phillips & Peggy Olson

Anniversaries not divisible by five never get the respect of their more numerically endowed brethren, but this year’s Kennedy assassination anniversary has had some high-points.


Chronicle Of A Death Foretold   tumblr_ksgx5hBB8m1qzlum5o1_500.jpg


Your USAToday published a “where-did-it-end-up?” roundup of assassination related objects – planes, cars and oddities.  The items are dispersed to a sprawling collection of government and for-profit museums and collections, the private sector equivalent of the presidential library system – intrepid local hustlers, cranks and visionaries, following their dreams.

From Baylor University’s  Ruby’s slipper to Historic Auto Attractions‘ really creepy artifacts and diorama collection, the stuff is everywhere.

Baylor lost out to SMU on the George W. Bush Library, but they can keep their head up in Kennedy conspiracy theory archives.

Auto Attractions provides an alternative past of a sort – what if Jack Ruby had shot Steve Buscemi rather than Oswald?



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