Stay Classy, Dallas!

That Kennedy Magic   kennedy-45th-anniversary-dallas.jpg

The Dallas Observer surveys the vast menagerie of reenactors and others who gathered at Dealey Plaza to mark the 45th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination,

Lincoln’s Dead Awhile, Ford’s Theatre Vows Slow Destruction of His Bloody Clothes

Transparency claims another victim  lincoln-bloody-coat.jpg

Ford’s Theater announced last year that it would morph into a center for the study of Lincoln leadership, teaching timeless lessons in the shadow of a Disneyfied assassination site.

Now the glorious plans are unfolding, and an early casualty of”opening up” Ford’s may be the bloody clothes Lincoln wore the night he was shot.  Conservators complain that the Theatre’s plans to display them in its fancy new lobby will allow ultraviolet rays to slowly destroy the garments.

But “producing director”  Paul Tetreault says the show will go on.  And Presidential museum enabler Richard Norton Smith says you can’t have a pilgrimage without relics.

America’s Newest New Reagan, Now With Added Sparkle!

He Says She Said  mccain-palin-couric.JPG

Widespread mirth at Daddy McCain’s plea to Ms. Curic for a Palin test makeover has blocked attention to Daddy’s effort to fix Sarah Palin’s Place In History.

And what a place setting it is!  Apparently, Palin isn’t just the New Reagan, she’s the New Clinton as well!


reagan-salutes.jpg   palin-salute.jpg  clinton-salutes.jpg

This is not the first time that I’ve seen a governor being questioned by some quote, ‘expert,’ “Daddy sputtered.

That Kennedy Magic!

Not On My Watch?    kennedy-laos-map.jpg

A sunny side of the Sixties is on display in the film Virtual JFK, portraying a happy time when a wise and unassassinated President Kennedy manages to avoid the Vietnam War. kennedy-pentagon-superman.jpg

How’d he do it?   kennedy-he-prevented-war-6-times.JPG   In this happy world Kennedy  apparently emerged sadder and wiser from early stumbling over Cuba, which you can do if you disappear Operation Mongoose.

Still, it would have been a blessing to be spared this.  nixon-snowman.jpg

Sarah Palin Reloaded: McKinley Dies Again

Who Would Sarah Shoot?   mckinley-shot.jpg

The thrilling details of Sarah Palin’s Secret Service code name have been revealed to an anxious public, usually accompanied by boilerplate explaining how pretty Denali National Park is.  Passed over in Palin’s moniker acceptance is her slap at our martyred 25th president.

Denali is the Native Alaskan  name for Mount McKinley, the nation’s tallest peak.   alaska-flag.gif  Thoughtful Alaskans prefer Denali to the name imposed by the Colossus of The South.

We’ve all enjoyed the disproved allegations of Palin’s Alaska Independence Party membership, while pocketing her husband’s.

alaska-first.jpg   Denali-ing aligns Palin with one of the weirder parts of the AIP legend, in which white, often immigrant Alaskans try to drape themselves in the rags of the oppressed natives.

Shuffled Off From Buffalo  mckinley-martyr.jpg