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The Financial Times sheds some light on one of the 2008 Presidential campain’s oddities: how George H.W. Bush came to host Mitt Romney for his Mormon 2.0 speech at the Bush Library. The FT discussed how the many candidates have related to not-for-profits in the past as clues to their prospective administrations.

“Of concern with Mitt Romney and Giuliani is their assessment about the judgment of people they associate with in the non-profit sector. As a board member of the Points of Life Foundation, Romney was involved in the organisation’s merger with the Hands On Network, which chose Neil Bush, the president’s brother, as vice-chair and chair-elect. Bush does not convey an image of the highest standards of non-profit probity thanks to a history of dubious business and non-profit endeavours. These include the Silverado Savings and Loan collapse (costing American taxpayers $1.3bn) and having his mother, Barbara, pitch for charitable donations that would be designated to help school systems buy his learning software.”

Mama Tried bush-barbara-ignite.jpg

They are letting Neil off easy. His Asian whore mongering while in the service of dubious businessmen is legend.

Ignite!’s stuff is comically bad.

Reaching today’s teens through the universal language of Rap, a bored singer intones Machines and Profit in World Cultures, Europe in Transition, Topic 4: Industrial Revolution:

“with government out of the way, industrialists ruled the day…and got the pay”

And yes, they are on the YouthTube.

bush-neal-timeline.gif Bush’s business model focuses on getting local schools to buy one of his expensive “Cows” [“Curriculum on Wheels”], which appear to be a tricked up box of notebooks.

With wheels! bush-neal-sscowimage.jpg

Your Kennedy/Romney Comparisons in Brief


From BAGnewsNotes, “a prgressive blog dedicated to the political, psychological and media analysis of news images..”

It’s Mormon in America!

What Was I Thinking? romney-faith-with-tie.jpg

Mitt Romney’s Must See Thursday has generated acres of ink.

A passing mention in an opinion piece on the build up recalls an earlier Mormon candidate, Mo Udall, and how he was done in by the sainted Jimmy Carter.

“Religion is neither a qualifier nor a disqualifier for public office, unless you are a Mormon, one of your opponents is a Southern Baptist and you are both running for the presidential nomination of your party…When former governor Jimmy Carter was in tight race with Congressman Morris “Mo” Udall for the Democratic Party’s nomination in 1976, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, a Carter backer, said to a large audience of black Baptist ministers: “I’m asking you to make a choice between a man from Georgia who fights to let you in his church, and a man from Arizona whose church won’t even let you in the back door.”…Udall, who had left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over its policies toward blacks, called on Carter, a Southern Baptist layman, to repudiate Coleman’s comments. Carter refused and won the Michigan primary.”

carter-coleman-young.jpgGlorious days of old! Carter, the man who split the vote and got Lester Maddox in as Georgia Governor, paired with a man who was at least friendly with the Stalinists to slander one of the more decent politicians Arizona ever produced. udall-for-president.jpg

Now Mitt Added Depth

smith-shooting.gif Greeting Previous Mormon Candidate

Let’s see what he says, who’s in the audience and if he takes questions. Until then the breathless “Mitt’s Kennedy Moment” stories are kinda beside the point. smith-for-president.jpg

kennedy-taking-quesitons-houston-ministers.JPG Kennedy spoke to the Baptist beast, Mitt faces the angry throngs of the Bush Library. And Kennedy took multiple questions from the assembled clergy after his speech.

That 80s Show


That Bush-Reagan Thing

“…he wasn’t a part of that Bush-Reagan thing, I was a part of that Bush-Reagan thing”

With these bold if inarticulate words, Mike Huckabee affirms his Reagan Correctness and threw down the gauntlet to would-be Reagan lover Mitt Romney.

romney-ask-mitt-anything.jpg Romney wrapped himself in Reagan’s banner and responded with his own interesting read on history:

“Ronald Reagan would have never raised taxes like Mike Huckabee did, Ronald Reagan would have never said let’s give tuition breaks to illegals like Mike Huckabee did, Ronald Reagan would have never stood by and pushed for a budget that more than doubled during his term as president.”

We can’t know what the deceased former President might do with contemporary questions, but we certainly know he raised taxes and amnestied immigrants.