Reagan Scion Calls for Pissing Out of the Tent

Shape Up, Punks!  reagan-michael-pistol.png

Michael Reagan is taking a break from identyfying New Reagans in order to diss the post-catastropy Republican field.

” We are attaching ourselves to certain individuals, and as a result we have become a party of people and not a party of principles. We are Romney-ites, or Huckabee or Giuliani devotees, or McCain-ites, or supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin – when we need to be just plain Republicans…In the Balkans, warfare between factions was the status quo. As Republicans, if we continue to Balkanize and fail to unite, then fighting one another will be our party’s status quo.”

Stirring words from a man who upon his death compared Gerald Ford with Saddam Hussein.

From Nixon To Palin: Hugh & Crying

Hugh Hewitt: Leg Man?      palin-town-hall.jpg

Indomitable or perverse: You make the call.  Like his mentor Richard Nixon, former Nixon Library Executive Director Hugh Hewitt will not accept defeat.

His mash note to Mitt Romney couldn’t save the Latter Day Hope, and the next horse Hewitt chose to ride is faltering.

#1: He Lost  hewitt-romney.png

The Townhall impresario’s latest attempt to serve the cause and himself has stalled, with publishers so far rejecting his proposed   How Sarah Palin Won the Election … and Saved America  quickie book.

Shun My Ride

Who’ll Be Next In Line For Heartache bush-new-hampshire-bus-door.jpg

A relative unknown came to storied New Hampshire, home of America’s crustiest voters, seeking their backing for president. He rode the back roads aboard an iconic vehicle, taking his message to the faded mill towns which spawn our presidents.

mccain-2000-bus.jpg No, not that one.

It was George Bush’s “Victory Express,” the motor-coach that carried him throughout New Hampshire in 2000.

Which Bush lost. bush-new-hampshire-bus-bush.jpg

Now the bus Bush road to defeat can be yours!

The Politico points to the exciting auction already underway on eBay, where you can own this metallic remnant of a humbler George W. Bush.

And that’s not all! There’s hardly a failed Republican presidential candidate of the last two decades, announced or otherwise, who hasn’t spent time on this doom patrol.

bush-new-hampshire-bus-alexander.jpg Alexander. bush-new-hampshire-dole.jpg Dole. bush-new-hampshire-bus-gingrich.jpg Gingrich. bush-new-hampshire-bus-pataki.jpg Pataki. bush-new-hampshire-bus-gramm.jpg Gramm. bush-new-hampshire-frist.jpg Frist. bush-new-hampsire-bus-kemp.jpg Kemp. bush-new-hampshire-bus-romney.jpg Romney.

The Loser Express’s final service to America was this year, bush-new-hampshire-bus-giuliani.jpg when it rolled to it’s final disaster as the Rudi Giuliani campaign bus.

Anybody But Nixon

Before It’s Too Late nixon-grandson-christopher-nixon-cox.jpg

Just when we are shedding the Bushes and cracks appear in the His ‘n Her Presidencies juggernaut, a new dynastic threat looms.

It may take swallowing a second generation of Romney, but it’s a price worth paying to strangle this political career in it’s cradle.

When the New York Times asked Nixon’s Grandson about his future, Christopher Nixon Cox brings the coy:

“When asked if he would ever consider running for public office, Mr. Cox sidestepped a bit. “For me, the key is to serve my country and my community in whatever way I can,” he said. “It can’t be about ego. It has to be about using my talents to serve the country in the best way I can. Right now, that means working for John McCain.”

You have been warned.

Don’t Go There

Negative Barometer reagan-reversal.png

Just in time for yet another gathering at the Reagan Library, the Los Angeles Times reports that incessant Reagan name checks have a negative correlation with Republican primary success. At least for Rudy Giuliani.