The Strange People You Meet In Little Rock

The crazed, the cornball and the contemptuous come to the Clinton School in Little Rock.

First up, candidate/comedian Alan Keyes! keyes-button.jpg Flamboyantly demonstrating that The Clinton will not be bound by hidebound liberal nostrums, they are opening their doors to the renowned nut/commentator.

The Clintonists recently hosted former White House Counsel and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, on-the-lam from a Congressional subpoena clinton-harriet-miers-vists-school.jpg for a “private session.”

If Keyes overnights in Little Rock he can do lunch next day with cheesy Mitch Albom at the First Annual Clinton School Scholarship Luncheon! The Five People You Meet In Heaven author shares his tales from beyond the grave for a hundred bucks a pop.

Feel the smarm!

If Keyes does stick around for the lunch they can compare notes on their mutually troubled* MSNBC show experiences.




*Keyes’s bitterness over his 2002 dumping by America’s third rated cable news network continues in the form of an online petition protesting the crime, still available on his web site!

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