Texas Land Rush To Judgement

 Behind Every Great’s Library Is A Crime? SMU: Home of the George W. Bush Presidential Center

George W. Bush’s possible testimony in a land dispute over the future “Bush Center” at Southern Methodist University has the guys suing SMU giddy with excitement. Their lawsuit claims condo owners  were ripped off by SMU because word of the Bush Presidential Library’s coming was withheld.  The former condo owners have gotten a Dallas judge to order the ex president’s testimony on a 2002 meeting where the prospective library began to take shape.

Bush’s lawyers say they will appeal, and SMU says there is nothing to see here.  But plaintiff Gary Vodicka told the Texas lawyer blog that vagueness and memory loss by former White House counsel and failed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers persuaded the judge that only Bush can bring light onto the darkness.

“Bush’s friends and advisers, by trying to protect him in their depositions, set him up for his deposition

Larry Friedman represents another party to the suit, and he hears History’ footsteps,  destiny’s drumbeat, or something.

SMU’s president thought the Bush Library would somehow expunge the stain of Kennedy’s assassination from Dallas. But Friedman says the suit is huge, that the judge’s order is..

the most important historic event in Dallas since the JFK assassination.

Stain Removal Resistant  kennedy-wanted-poster.jpg



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