George W. Bush: Scene Of The Last Roundup?

        Grave Importance   

Fancy color sketches and models of the George W. Bush Presidential Library have been loosed upon an anxious world, and must be mined for clues.

Like, where will they bury him?

Assuming Bush follows the pharaoh-ic path of FDR, Truman, Ike, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and his father’s plan at College Station, he’ll have to be buried on site. If the “Texas Rose Garden” above is a little too outdoorsy, there is the Freedom Tractor Beam inside.


The careful viewer will note a presidential quote on the wall behind the generic assembled white folks.

It’s a line from Bush’s 2004 Republican Convention acceptance speech, in which he claimed we are summoned by a “calling from beyond the stars.”  Here on Earth Bush had begun the year attempting a call to greatness with a vague drumbeat for Mars exploration, then buried the exciting initiative by the time of his State of The Union address.

The convention speech itself was delivered with a spaceport motif.

A model of the George W. Bush Presidential Center is displayed Wednesday in Dallas. This view shows the north facade along SMU Boulevard.   SPECIAL TO THE STAR-TELEGRAM/DAVID WOO   The Library grounds are touted as a Bush gift to the nation, or at least SMU, providing “numerous spaces for events and gatherings,” but don’t plan your protest rally just yet.

… unlike the formal, tree-lined landscape of the main campus, this garden contains hills and draws and winding paths that conceal surveillance cameras and other security equipment.

       View from southeast of the Bush presidential library

The Unbroken Thread

Almost* April In de Pari

One president was shot wearing a suit he tailored, and another was buried in one. Now Georges de Paris feels it’s time for Barack Obama to get shovel ready too.

Ronald Reagan almost died in a de Paris suit, and Gerald Ford,  formerly “our most athletic President”trademark3.gif rode his last mile wearing one.

The legendary Washington tailor and renowned hair farmer tells Vanity Fair  Obama is letting down the team wearing casual clothing, and doesn’t much care for his fancy clothes neither.

““The suits President Obama has is not quality.

A new chapter in Tony Blair’s Bush’s Poodle career is revealed, as de Paris claims the former prime minister ordered up a duplicate of a Bush suit Pres. Bush with tailor Georges De Paris de Paris was making.  Tragically he is silent on the only Bush fashion question to have ever troubled Americans:    What the hell was that thing on his upper back?   Bush's Bulge

*March 30,1981

Thinking Small: Your White House At Work

There Were Giants Here Once  oval-bush-leaning.jpg

To the Ford Presidential Library, where a fabled small but perfectly formed miniature  White House is on display.

Joining the fun are  Peter Sharkey’s obsessively  detailed model drawings of any and all White House rooms and the exterior grounds.


Just the thing for planning your radio controlled model aircraft attack, or carrier pigeon conspiracy.

Mr. Sharkey also sees to your  white-house-models-basement-laundry-area.png  underground White House laundry room viewing needs.

white-house-model-oval-office.jpg Your pining for impossible overhead views of the Oval Office is also met, as well as White House pool shots that look vaguely like crime scenes.


Laura Bush: The Betty- fication

A Cry For Help  bush-lauras-claw-marks.jpg

Laura Bush’s glazed look was much commented upon while her husband served as president.  Now the shocking truth can be revealed:  Laura Bush is actually drug and plastic surgery ravaged Betty Ford!

A Ford In Her Future  bush-laura-statue.jpg    ford-betty.jpg

Texas sculptor Scott Sustek is creating a  statue for Austin’s Laura Bush Library, under construction in the state capitol. bush-laura-statue-calipers.jpg  The former First Lady posed for him and submitted to measurements, and she and her staff appear to have approved his Ford-ifying.



Majority Favors Wallowing In Watergate!

Not On Our Watch! ford-the-healing-begins-time-cover.jpg

Defying the Washington Consensus, a majority of Americans favor investigation of alleged Bush Administration crimes.

Cuddly recollections of Gerald “Decent Man” Ford notwithstanding.