The Unbroken Thread

Almost* April In de Paris 

One president was shot wearing a suit he tailored, and another was buried in one. Now Georges de Paris feels it’s time for Barack Obama to get shovel ready too.

Ronald Reagan almost died in a de Paris suit, and Gerald Ford,  formerly “our most athletic President”trademark3.gif rode his last mile wearing one.

The legendary Washington tailor and renowned hair farmer tells Vanity Fair  Obama is letting down the team wearing casual clothing, and doesn’t much care for his fancy clothes neither.

““The suits President Obama has is not quality.”

A new chapter in Tony Blair’s Bush’s Poodle career is revealed, as de Paris claims the former prime minister ordered up a duplicate of a Bush suit Pres. Bush with tailor Georges De Paris de Paris was making.  Tragically he is silent on the only Bush fashion question to have ever troubled Americans:    What the hell was that thing on his upper back?   Bush's Bulge

*March 30,1981

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