It Ain’t Braggin’ If You Done It: Barack Obama Remembers 9/11

As America marked the 10th anniversary at ground zero with solemn ceremony, and Paul Simon, word comes of an exciting new cashing in on The 9/11 Experience®

Your Barack Obama action figure, standing over the bleeding corpse of Osama Bin Laden.

obamaosamakeepsake.tiffMake My Presidents Day  

      Kind of makes Bush’s pistol plaque seem somehow inadequate, doesn’t it?  

George W. Bush Regrets Not Entirely Melting The Old folks Down For Suet

Memories!  tears joy

George W. Bush is in a wistful mood as a teaser exhibit for his presidential museum opens in Dallas.

The often weepy former president is out and about flogging his memoirs in advance of sale date, and told a Chicago audience that his greatest regret was not putting across his Social Security “reform.”

As sensible heads said at the time, the Bush plan amounted to sending old folks to slaughter in the market, while the feds borrowed gazillions to cover the gap caused by paying out benefits while dumping current income into Wall Street.

Oh, what might have been!

But we’ll always have Saddam’s gun.


George W. Bush: Freedom, At A Price

Freedom Sold Separately!

National Treasure [& long time PresidentsRUs favorite] Al Kamen fills a Friday Washington Post column with updates on the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s exciting “Freedom Registry.”

As faithful readers are aware, the Registry lists donors to the Bush Library project, starting at the low low price of just $50.

Now Kamen reports it will not merly list of names on a wall, or inscribe them on a brick, but will entail the hallmark of late 20th century technology: interactivity!

Using the latest technologies, this innovative registry will be housed in a specially designed kiosk and will feature an interactive listing of those chosen for this special recognition


 Never has self selection been more  meaningful.

Fries With That?


Bush donors are getting off easy.  The bandit princes of the Young America’s Foundation are soaking the rubes for a thousand dollars, in return for which their name is inscribed on the “Freedom Wall” tucked away out of sight on the Reagan ranch property.  Why these believers in Reagan’s Berlin Wall shattering Mighty Voice would build a wall is unclear.







Out Of The Past

Bush Alumni Gather                   NO SERIOUSLY

George W. Bush has shown his sensitive side to gathering of the faithful, while interested observers puzzled over an exciting new Bush mystery:

Where did they hide the papers this time?

The former President repeated claims he’ll stay above the political fray, while saying former President Carter had  “made my life miserable.

The Bush administration alumni gathered in Washington just as yet another old rock turned over.  One piece of information gained from the  Justice Department investigation of John Yoo’s torture memos was the exciting news that many of Yoo’s emails from the period were unavailable.

Apparently because they were deleted

My Successor Deserves My Documents bush-at-computer.jpg

Washington veterans exchanged quiet smiles, minds drifting back to the Bush administration’s sprint to the exits, little heeding such niceties as complying with federal record keeping laws. Years of litigation later we learned that some 22 millions emails had gone missing, recoverable only at vast expense.

Choire Sicha spoke for the Nation, asking plaintively “How Many Years Will It Take Us To Get John Yoo’s Emails?

Watch This Space!


George H.W.Bush’s Transports of Delight

There’s Something About A Train 



 For the Presidential Transport Complete-ist, exciting news from the plains of Texas.

MTH Electric Trains has launched a series of HO model trains commemorating an obscure tribute to former President H.W. Bush.

In 2005 the Union Pacific Railroad appears to have had time and rolling stock on its hands, so the company painted up one of their engines to vaguely resemble Air Force One’s color scheme, and slapped Bush’s name on it.  It served as the highpoint of a railroad exhibit mounted by Bush’s Presidential Library, with as little apparent connection to his presidency as the Clinton Library’s ill-fated “Art of the Chopperfiasco.

MTH’s model engine comes complete with a “Detachable Scale Snow Plowand  “(2) Cab Figures“  View Larger , all for just $ 189.95.  Coming soon is a more glamor-ific model for a mere $ 429.95.

Why the Union Pacific’s interest in Bush family sucking up?  UP CEO Richard K. Davidson served on a Homeland Security infrastructure advisory board, presumably working to assure that security didn’t get in the way of tons of toxins riding the rails.  He served the Bushes in other ways as well, bundling for Junior and receiving a Kennedy Center board post.

Iron Horse Came