The Nixon Library Tonight: Dick Jokes Never Fail



There’s Always Room For Dick!

 The Nixon Foundation kicks off the mad Fathers Day rush with the “perfect” gift for the rage bear you love: Dick “Dick” Morris’s “Take Back America.” Hours from now Morris himself takes the stage at the Nixon Library, and as of yesterday tickets were still available!

Its a return engagement with History for Morris, who makes the Nixon a regular stop on his book flogging excursions.  The cousin of former Nancy Reagan walker Roy Cohn is  currently pushing one of three titles he’s managed to get out of the still somewhat fresh Obama administration, seamlessly moving to a new host from his Clinton period as a “bird that lives by eating ticks off the rhino’s back.

Morris is a past profaner of sacred parental-related holidays,  and why the Nixon chooses to link the toe-sucking whore-hound whose only child is not his wife’s to America’s sacred celebration of Fatherhood is unclear.

George H.W.Bush’s Transports of Delight

There’s Something About A Train 



 For the Presidential Transport Complete-ist, exciting news from the plains of Texas.

MTH Electric Trains has launched a series of HO model trains commemorating an obscure tribute to former President H.W. Bush.

In 2005 the Union Pacific Railroad appears to have had time and rolling stock on its hands, so the company painted up one of their engines to vaguely resemble Air Force One’s color scheme, and slapped Bush’s name on it.  It served as the highpoint of a railroad exhibit mounted by Bush’s Presidential Library, with as little apparent connection to his presidency as the Clinton Library’s ill-fated “Art of the Chopperfiasco.

MTH’s model engine comes complete with a “Detachable Scale Snow Plowand  “(2) Cab Figures“  View Larger , all for just $ 189.95.  Coming soon is a more glamor-ific model for a mere $ 429.95.

Why the Union Pacific’s interest in Bush family sucking up?  UP CEO Richard K. Davidson served on a Homeland Security infrastructure advisory board, presumably working to assure that security didn’t get in the way of tons of toxins riding the rails.  He served the Bushes in other ways as well, bundling for Junior and receiving a Kennedy Center board post.

Iron Horse Came

George W. Bush: How Can We Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

Now With Added Stature!

In an intriguing political parallel universe, pollsters matched up the sitting president with his term-limited predecessor. And the out guy is a comer.

From his popularity depths in the 20s, George W. Bush has clawed his way back to a position where 44% of poll-ees want him in office over Barack Obama.

Laying low, raising library money and a thoughtful assist from the beloved Bill Clinton appear to have done the trick.

Old Acquaintance Been Forgot   22_12_2008_144426_ap_ye_bush_obama_



Titans Nix Showdown: Bush/Clinton Pledge Tedium Only

                               This Is Not Happening! 

Feisty tabloid The New York Post reports Former Presidents Clinton and Bush have canceled a once mildly interesting sounding speaking event, vowing no longer to  “undoubtedly generate heated discussion as the best political minds of our day examine the most talked about topics surrounding current events.


The two had been slotted to appear in the “Minds That Move The World” series at Radio City Music Hall, but the Post says they backed out after seeing the event’s lame hype.

Sites promoting the event are already scrubbed or strangely empty, and    now we will never know what these “minds” think “In light of the new political environment that faces our nation.

Bill Clinton In A Happy Place




MMM, Cake!



Bill Clinton revisited past triumphs Sunday, visiting embattled Kosovo to salute its quasi-independence from Serbia.


And to unveil the vast statue of himself gracing Bill Clinton Boulevard in exotic Pristina.  A jaunty Bill is presented, clutching in one hand a portfolio or briefcase inscribed with the date bombing Serbia began.

Inglorious withdrawals and never were’s in Haiti and Somalia have yet to receive bronze commemoration.