Bush: The Looming Legacy

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Despite becoming actually more unpopular since leaving office, George W. Bush is quietly on his way to building the Bush Presidential Library ‘n Reputation Restorer in Dallas.

He has reportedly raised one hundred million dollars towards the library/rehab center at Southern Methodist University.

Time reports that the cash is rolling in despite the economy’s current enjoyment of the fruits of the Bush era. The ex-president went from beloved by 31% of the populace down to 26%  according to the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll [the numbers are buried on page 9 of the pdf at the bottom of the linked page]

Meanwhile, Southern Methodist University’s attorney is under a gag order in the wake of jury pool tainting allegations.

SMU is being sued over land once considered as part of the Bush Presidential Library,with former condo owners suing the University claiming information about the looming Library was withheld.

The judge in the case had ordered the former president to testify in the case, and is concerned with  remarks by  SMU attorney Mark Lanier who  called those suing the university “terrorists,” and complained that they had rejected a $2 million offer to go away.

“the more press there is about this, the harder it’s going to be to pick jurors for a trial,” Judge Martin Hoffman said before ordering Lanier not to publicly discuss mediation-related matters.

This in the wake of SMU hiring a prominent local Democratic lawyer, in the predominantly Democrat-leaning Dallas.

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