Barry Landau: America’s Presidential Historian & Snitch To The Stars

American Dream 

Sprightly blogger ITALKYOUBORED goes further for America, recalling still more detail on accused presidential document thief Barry Landau‘s previous encounters with the law.

Longtime readers will remember Barry’s starring role in shyster/fixer Roy Cohn’s failed effort to tag Jimmy Carter chief of staff Hamilton Jordan as a cocaine fiend.

Italky digs deep, coming up with further details of the episode which point to Landau as more instigator than reluctant witness.

Jordan’s alleged indiscretion prompted a semi-interminable Special Counsel investigation, which the balance-seeking missiles of the press somehow equated with the actual crimes Iran-Contra, bundling the disparate events into a compelling case of we-don’t-careto-know-whatour-bettersare-up-to.

So the Independent Counsel’s got killed, and the Republic staggered on.

Landau remains in a heap of trouble.

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