Wet Behind The Ears Writers On Reagan’s Storied Record

All Wet  

Legendary New York Times’  book reviewer Michiko Kakutani [aka “the stupidest person in New York“] is the latest to fall for one of the oldest bricks in Ronald Reagan’s Wall of Cheese, the lifeguard story.

In the course of reviewing Ron Reagan’s auspiciously timed memoir, she retails without questioning young Ron Reagan’s recycling of a tale. Specifically, the self-generated legend that young Ronald Reagan saved 77 people from drowning in the Rock River at Dixon Illinois.  In seven years, for neat symmetry.

Where does this nicely divisible number come from? Everywhere and nowhere. By all accounts young Ronald worked summers as a lifeguard during high school and college.  Aside from providing him a head start on skin cancer little is known beyond his later stories. Your more careful accounts of Reagan’s adventures among the “boyency challenged” speak of him being “credited” with saving 77 lives.  More gushing accounts, including his museum foundation‘s,  add the definitive proof that he claimed to have carved a notch on a log every time he plucked someone from  the turgid waters.

Thanks to Deroy Murdock recycling from a different Ron Reagan tome we know Reagan saved a black [can you believe it!] child from drowning in California, making up for all those nasty cracks about Martin Luther King. Truly insane life-guardist Paul Kengor extends Reagan’s life saving powers to Des Moines and beyond, because after all,”… it’s not an exaggeration to draw a straight line from Reagan at the Rock River to Reagan at the White House


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