President Pawlenty’s Northern Exposure: Build The Dang Fence!

Pastures Of Pawlenty Results are pouring in, and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s 2012 campaign launch video is on its way to comedy gold.  Ominous music, quick cutting between historic footage and the fairytale grittiness of handheld cameras [Thanks, Battle Of Algiers!]  Battle of Algiers lend a semblance of urgency to Pawlenty’s flat intonation, but can the Rick Santorum Of The North overcome his roots in America’s Almost Canada? Amidst the familiar 60s crawl – MLK! Moonshots! – Pawlenty’s not afraid to take controversial stands                               He Does Not Care For Communism!     




                                    And, Founder Porn! 

We also get such oddities as a wagon train [in black and white, for authenticity!]



And this foreign interloper. 



 If Tim Pawlenty can’t protect us from Blackberry wielding Canadians, how can he defend America?

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