Funding Fathers: Turd Blossom In A Box For Fathers Day!

    Give The Gift Of Karl!

In my day your basic Fathers Day gift was cigars, or something vaguely tool-related.

But family values Republicans appear to believe that Dad reads, or at least has shelf space.

Hardly had excitement died down over the Nixon Library’s touting Dick Morris as Father’s special gift, when word comes of yet another words on paper offering on this special day.                                                        Fathers_day_seal

Operators are standing by, and if you move snappily you might be one of the lucky 200 Karl Rove fans to get a boxed version of his “highly anticipated memoir” of his “often-controversial role” in the Bush administration.

But There Is More!  This timeless classic in real leather is being offered at a mere $30, reduced from $37.00.  That’s an 18% savings!





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