Ronald Reagan’s Final Victim



 Starr Turn Over 


A statue expelled from the United States Capitol by Reagan cultists has come home to California.

Thomas Starr King mobilized Californians in the Civil War, squashing secessionist moves in Southern California.  His statue graced the halls of Congress for decades, until an especially sleazy Congressman spotted opportunity.

Each state gets two Capitol statues, and there has not been a lot of turnover. But Congress amended the rules in 2003, allowing states to change out existing statues for other local greats.

By some coincidence, the only flips so far have brought us Eisenhower, Ford and Reagan.

Hey Look! It’s Folks In 19th Century Garb!   3W9STARRKING.JPG

California has now dedicated Reagan’s victim in a Sacramento ceremony marred by the now apparently mandatory presence of  reenactors.

Better would have been a tableau featuring Representative Ken Calvert, sponsor of the Reagan insertion.  Calvert’s colorful past includes police finding him in his car in a pants down situation, Laffer Curve exposed, with a woman not his wife.


Ken Calvert & His Prey

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