70s Nostalgia Reaches It’s Tragic Apogee


Michigan is going ahead with pulling the plug, removing their Capitol Hill statue of a consequential historic figure in favor of the nation’s highest placeholder.

They would yank Senator Zachary Chandler, a Radical Republican who pressed President Lincoln to arm freed slaves against the South in the Civil War, and who led the fight against slavery in Washington DC.


In order to put up “Everybody Loves” Gerry Ford.


ford-zachariah-chandler.jpg Chandler

An aroused citizenry could stop this travesty. Statue flipping began only in 2003 with Eisenhower. California is dumping one of it’s existing statues to make way for the beloved Ronald Reagan, but they’ve spared us Nixon so far. [Notice a pattern here?]

The Joint Committee on the Library of Congress has to sign off on dumping Chandler for Ford, so let them know you want Gerry in his place.

ford-senate-bust.jpg That would be over on the Senate side, in the Veep bust collection.

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