A Franklin Roosevelt Legacy: Enriching [Some Of] Future Generations

Grace Tully: Note To Self  http://docs.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/images/photodb/09-1914a.gif

New York state’s gift to the nation, Chuck Schumer has a deal for us:

We allow the corporate descendants of Franklin Roosevelt secretary Grace Tully to profit from her absconding with FDR ephemera, and they will graciously donate the material to the Roosevelt Presidential Library for a tax deduction.

The recently bankrupt Sun-Times Media Group holds papers Tully gathered working for FDR, and wants to unload them on the Library for the losses.

But that pesky National Archives says it already own some of the stuff.

However did the Chicago Sun-Times holding company come to own this trove of FDR scraps?
http://www.lrbshop.co.uk/images/P/0753818485.jpg  Its former owner, FDR biographer and torch-bearer for Richard Nixon Conrad Black, is currently a guest of the federal government, convicted of expropriating company funds for himself.   http://photos.thefirstpost.co.uk/arts/2005/07/images/070628conrad.jpg

Black wrote his generally well received Roosevelt book before moving on to criminal genius Nixon, so the papers might stem from the Corporation doing its part for Roosevelt research.

Unexamined in the Associated Press piece and unremarked upon by the ever-flexible Chuck Schumer is the money value of the Media Group’s tax deduction.

Conrad Black: FDR Fan, Fop  conrad_black.jpg

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