George W. Bush’s Rocket To Obscurity

The Forgotten Man

The Dallas Morning News reports that former President Bush is on a slow road to nowhere in the mysteries of the Internet.  In Google searches for “bush library”   The George W. Bush Presidential Center ranks below Dad and below a blog on the Library-to-be that hasn’t been updated since May 2007.

The News goes to the gnomes of Search Engine Land, who advise the former Chief  Executive to make friends online.


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  1. The Bush Library: Even Haters Can’t Find It! at WWW.PRESIDENTS”R”US.COM wrote:

    […] recent Dallas Morning News warning of the George W. Bush Presidential Library’s will to obscurity has been proven in […]

  2. George W. Bush, Goner at WWW.PRESIDENTS”R”US.COM wrote:

    […] reality principal is introduced by former bushlibraryblog [on hiatus since 2007, and still ahead of Bush’s library blog!] empresario Benjamin Johnson. “Vaclav Havel is not going to come to the fucking Bush center!” […]

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