The Bush Archives: Gorging On George

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The hour approaches, when George W. Bush turns into a pumpkin and all his presidential papers are supposed to be whisked to the National Archives.

The New York Times reports much whistling past the graveyard by Archives.

Despite a Bush record of non-cooperation with the Archives, fifty times the Clinton Administration’s electronic document volume,  and a breezy Bush slovenliness about preserving email, the Archives told the Times it has “a high level of confidence” it can swallow the beast and cough up the results for future inquiries.

Veteran document troller and national treasure Tom Blanton of the National Security Archive says the National Archives is delusional.

“Their confidence is inexplicable”

The Washington Post reported earlier that whatever is to unfold has already started:

“The ingestion of Bush data has just begun,” said Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper, adding that she is unsure how smoothly it has gone.

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