Bush: The Great Escape

Dare, Double Dare Ya!  bush-chin.jpg

The Bush Administration looks headed for a clean getaway,  with a final bit of brazenness to top off their many scams.

It now appears Bush will deny us even the pleasure of outrage against his much anticipated torture ‘n wiretapping pardons.   He’ll leave town and essentially dare the Democrats to pursue him.

The Wall Street Journal says the Bushies are inclined to brazen it out, and besides

Some former Bush administration officials have argued against a blanket pardon for post-9/11 activities, saying it would be tantamount to an admission that the Bush policies weren’t legal.

We’ve already heard from the President Elect that he’s inclined to let sleeping rocks lie, and his illustrious Democratic predecessor has hosted one of the legal architects of torture at his library in Little Rock, so it looks like a safe bet.

Enjoy Getting Things Done!

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