The Bush Legacy: See You In Court!

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Fantasies of George W.Bush finally answering the numerous suits, inquiries and subpoenas pending against his administration after he leaves office received a cold shower Thursday from the New York Times, which reports a crackpot Harry Truman legal theory may have empowered presidents to tell Congress, the courts and polite society generally to screw off.

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Mr Plain Speaking was freshly out of power and interested in dodging congressional subpoenas, so his lawyers cooked up a theory giving presidents executive privilege even when no longer executiving.  Edward M. Cramer was a junior attorney on the scheme, and told the Times  “I think, legally, we were wrong.”

This Truman Doctrine returned in the 70s when Richard Nixon cited it as precedent to not answer questions about Watergate.

“Mr. Cramer recalled, “Nixon used it, and we said ‘Oh, Jesus, what have we done?’ ”

We can only imagine how far Bush will run with this notion. He has already played with the law on Presidential Archives, issuing an executive order which may delay document release into perpetuity.  Bush invented new rights for ex-presidents and their heirs to mess with the release of presidential papers, potentially giving crack head  Noelle Bush or legendary whore-hound Neil Bush say in the release of their father’s, uncle’s, grandfather’s or brother’s history.
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Democrat’s appetite for the truth may fade with time. Barack Obama has already invited the opposition to whine about any under-rock peering, saying:

“I would not want my first term consumed by what was perceived on the part of Republicans as a partisan witch hunt, because I think we’ve got too many problems we’ve got to solve.”

Our best hopes for justice, or at least messing with, may lie abroad.
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George Bush famously barely traveled overseas, but others in his Administration traveled widely. Everything may change after January,  when mischievous foreign prosecutors may launch investigations and indictments of war crimes accusations against Bush and armies of lesser administration figures.

We’ve all enjoyed the spectacle of Henry Kissinger dodging investigators looking into his Chilean adventures.

Imagine the fun to be had next time Donald Rumsfeld visits the chocolate makers!

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