Barack Obama: Library Site Speculation Starts Here!

America’s Next Great Presidential Library? pullman-building.jpg

Chicago photographer/architecture writer Lee Bey has nominated a great South-Side Chicago location for the inevitable Barack Obama Presidential Library: the remaints of the Pullman railroad works.

Pullman was the scene of an epic 1894 battle pullman-shooting.jpg

for workers right to organize,  crushed by federal troops dispatched by Grover Cleveland.


With the additional benefit of being near where Obama got his start as a community organizer.

Pullman was built as a model company town, but when the workers struck to oppose a wage cut a violent strike spread across the country as workers boycotted Pullman-built railroad cars.

Future Socialist presidential candidate Eugene Debs   debs.jpg rose to prominence as the strike leader  pullman-debs-you-railroad-men.jpg of the American Railway Union.   He was jailed after the strike, read Marx, and emerged a socialist.

What’s left of the works is owned by the state of Illinois.

Pullman In Happier Times pullman-wide.jpg

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