Hoover & Elvis: If Every Day Was Like Christmas

Herbert Hoover As You’ve Never Seen Him   hoover-color.JPG

Times are tough in America’s Heartlandtrademark1.gif, but plucky Midwesterners are buckling down.

Iowa’s Herbert Hoover National Historic Site has so few visitors that early this year it dropped it’s admission charge to save the money spent trying to collect it.

Hoover is a punching bag for all seasons. Distant relative Lynn Forester de Rothschild,  the “Joe the Plumber” of the multiple homes set and deranged ex-Hillary supporter, used her faint connection to bolster the Obama-is-Hoover argument of the sinking McCain campaign.

Now the Hoover Museum on the Historic Site has turned to a beloved folk figure to try and drag in some bodies.


Elvis-themed Christmas trees are somehow to draw the otherwise Hoover-averse to the Hoover Museum within the Historic Site.

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