The Age of Reagan: Timeless

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Jesse Taylor of Pandagon joyously mocks the endlessly expressed notion that putting a little touch of Reagan in everything we do is key.

Taylor takes off on Scott Rasmussen’s Wall Street Journal advice to seek Him everywhere, and hilarity ensues:

“Barack Obama’s election reaffirms the central tenet of American political life, which is that Ronald Reagan is what people want, even before Ronald Reagan was around to let us know how much we wanted him….Ronald Reagan does not get to absorb every good thing that every presidential candidate ever does throughout perpetuity, nor is his corruption-riddled, hypocritical, propaganda-driven legacy the only benchmark for a successful period of governance.  What we’re being expected to believe is that a black Democrat running openly on large levels of government investment in our economy, higher tax rates on high earners, a humble and diplomacy-focused foreign policy, alternative energy and expanded, government-driven access to healthcare – and repeated attacked as a socialist for doing so – is the exact same as a white Republican conservative who agreed with Grover Norquist’s remark that we must drown government in the bathtub.

A desire to see Ronald Reagan win every time does not mean that, in fact, Ronald Reagan actually won every time.”

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