History Of The Obama Administration: The Early Years

Who Was Barack Obama?  mystery.JPG

The hope’s barely dry for the Obama Administration, but an exhibit on the Senator’s rise to greatness looms.

Denver’s Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library and Museum has some odds and ends left over from the Democrat’s convention week in town, and they’re putting on a show!

This handsome number  obama-head.JPG is the centerpiece of the jump-start backwards glance.

Comedy is best when fresh, so the plucky lads at carbolicsmoke.com launched a barrage of humor at the prospective Obama Presidential Library before he was elected!

Brace self for raucous laughter:  obama-library-joke.JPG

“The first floor of the library will feature a spectacular Hall of Hope that will emphasize Obama’s famous speeches more than his accomplishments.

“It is rhetoric that moves a nation and defines us as a people,” Obama explained.  “Accomplishments, on the other hand, are overrated.”

Faithful readers are encouraged to watch the skies for the endless Internet replication of this side-splitter – but it will take effort to match the the timeless classicPRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY DESTROYED BY FLOOD,” which haunts the web.

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