Obama As Next Reagan: Do You Really Want To Go There?

Days Of Glory   reagan-kirkpatrick-votes.jpg

What child of Reagan is not clambering aboard the Obama Express?  The latest to endorse overcomes not only political differences, but the additional barrier of being dead.

Jeane Kirkpatrick is nominated a Hopenista  by Allan Gerson, her former minion.

Why-ever would Obama  accept?

Kirkpatrick shared with our current president the breezy confidence of the convinced, from her dismissal of junta killed American nuns in El Salvador [“The nuns were not just nuns; the nuns were political activists.“], to her coinage of the delightfully fag-baiting term “San Francisco Democrats“, to her passion for the surpassing weird Argentinian junta who killed 30,000 opponents while carefully stealing the children of the dead for adoption into military families.

Don’t worry though:

They do not disturb the habitual rhythms of work and leisure, habitual places of residence, habitual patterns of family and personal relations.

Kirkpatrick’s “Dictatorships & Double Standards” found it’s proudest expression in her work at the United Nations propping up Saddam Hussein. A UN condemnation of Iraq’s chemical warfare against Iraq was in the works, and working to kill the resolution was an  especially sharp slicing of distinctions between ghastly regimes.  When Iran repelled it’s Iraqi invaders Reagan himself was mobilized at the UN, not to condemn chemical warfare but to condemn Iran for trying to punish the aggressor.

Because as Gerson teaches us:

she knew that the H-word in the diplomatic lexicon — “aggression” — should only be used sparingly.

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