No Matter The Answer, The Question Is Nixon!

Taking Nixon’s Name In Vain   khalid-sheikh-mohammed-court-drawing.jpg

Guantanamo resident Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has a problem.  His captors have no intention of ever releasing him, he craves martyrdom in a jerry-rigged court system which may not be able to deliver, and he feels the courtroom artist drew his nose too large.Mohammed’s response has been to take over his own courtroom defense, and of course blaming Jews.

In the course of trying to impeach  Guantanamo trial judge Ralph H. Kohlmann, Mohammed somehow got around to renowned anti-Semite Richard Nixon

“ “Mohamed said to Kohlmann:If you were part of Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson’s group, then you would not be impartial.” He went on: “Even former President Richard Nixon, in a book called —” at which point he was silenced. After close to two minutes in which we saw the courtroom as a mime, the sound came back and the judge explained that the audio feed was cut because the security officer had mistakenly thought that Mohammed was intending to address topics that could not be addressed in open court. We were left wondering what it was about a Richard Nixon book that was now presumptively classified. We’ll likely never know.

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