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There’s Something About Joans

AstroTurf and Internet sock puppets are valued tools in the hope chest of propaganda, but one Reagan Library fan has fallen back on a steady method appropriate for America’s Sunset Presidenttrademark.gif – the letter to the editor from a deeply concerned citizen.

Joan Marie Patsky is a realtor who donates to the Library, but she doesn’t let this connection cloud her vision one bit.

The Reagan Library’s new Discovery Center features students reenacting of the Grenada invasion, and even as fizzy event as that is presented in a spectacularly hoked up version.

Joan is so thrilled by the place she’s written various papers at least three letters to the editor praising the new vision quest.

She states the kool-aided uncontradictable:

Creative education recently took a giant leap forward at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library’s grand opening of the Air Force One Discovery Center in Simi Valley

She furthers the Reagan Library’s mission reagan-nancy-air-force-one-door.jpg to insert Nancy Reagan into as many contexts as possible, while confusing the real plane for a fake one:

“There is also a replica of the historic Boeing 707 Air Force One aircraft that carried the president and Mrs. Reagan on important missions that shaped global history.”

But sometimes she gets that it’s a real plane in service of the make believe:

the powerful presence of the Presidential Air Force One Boeing 707 that is a historical symbol of the Reagan policy of a strong national defense and proactive involvement in global diplomacy.”


And sometimes the vapors overcome her and she makes no sense at all:

“Let education be the destination and experience the human dignity values of American democracy!”

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