It Was A Simpler Time…

Lesson Plan reagan-greneda-comic.jpg

An interactive kids exhibit at the Reagan Library will allow the youngsters to reenact the Grenada invasion, only in this Urgent Fury we don’t have to pretend to care about the stranded medical students!

Nominal Subjects reagan-grenada-students.jpg


“The year is 1983. The United States is in the middle of the Cold War, and the communist Cuban military is building an airport on the small Caribbean island of Grenada. How should the U.S. respond?”


Whoo! The Air Force One Discovery Center at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum features it’s very own a pocket oval office reagan-library-discovery-center-oval-office.jpg

[not to be confused with the full sized one for the whole family] oval-reagan3.jpg and an air force one simulator [apparently real presidents issue their terse commands exclusively while airborne.]


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