Let Him Come To Berlin

kennedy-brandenberg-gate.jpg Dreams From My Fathers reagan-wall-speech.jpg

Barack Obama continues his stroll with greatness, now planning to hype the Reagan and JFK comparisons to dizzy new heights by taking his act to Berlin.

Other pols have gotten some of that Platz Pizazz too. nixon-berlin-wall.jpg

berlin-executive-size-berlin-wall.JPG The Wall may be gone, but lives in voters of a certain age’s mental film archives. Combined with the incessant cable news dribble and drone about “iconic imagery,” he should have a good day.

And the expected Obama lovefest from Germany’s most left-wing city may resonate with those Americans who cringe at the image George W. Bush has projected abroad recently.

There’s a lot to overcome, even on the ground in Berlin. berlin-us-embassey.jpg The justly hated new American embassy is convenient to the Brandenburg Gate, so over time all the world can come to appreciate this really nice college dorm building.

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