Name Projection

These Are Those Pants reagan-parkway-ribbon-cutting.jpg

Reagan-naming Americans like these proud Hoosiers won’t let the flooding of the often troubled Reagan Parkway stand in the way of their ribbon cutting.

The off road ceremony was reminiscent of Reagan’s Second Inaugural, with it’s death cheating avoidance of a William Henry Harrison situation by moving indoors. reagan-indoor-oath.jpg

The official rationale for the iron wave of Reagan-named people, places and things is his place in the beating heart of the American public.

But those perennial scolds at FAIR remind us of some actual facts about the gaseous vapors of public opinion. Despite strenuous efforts to assert his enduring love affair with the American people, Ronald Reagan’s approval in office scored lower than most post World War Presidents. Lower than Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and sad old Lyndon Johnson.

Even just before his 1980 clobbering, poor Jimmy Carter was found to be personally more “likable” than Reagan in a comparable period.

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