Now He Belongs To The Ages

Bye: The Hype lincoln-russert-screens.jpg

The apotheosis of Tim Russert has found it’s fitting climax in a Presidential Library [and Museum!]. Russert narrates the Lincoln Library’s “Campaign 1860” exhibit, and Springfield’s State Journal-Register is leading calls to preserve it as a memorial within the memorial.

“Setting viewers straight on the views of candidates Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckinridge and John Bell is the familiar, authoritative presence of Tim Russert…If a generation was to understand the bitterly contested presidential contest of 1860, who better to explain it than the man who guided America through the bitterly contested presidential contest of 2000?”

Indeed. Someday visitors may flock to the Springfield shrine to thrill to Tim. It can be the Tomorrowland of presidential museums, capturing forever how a major conduit for Bush administration Iraq flim-flammery could have such a hard hitting reputation.

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