Richard Nixon As You’ve Never Seen Him

Role Model nixon-grave-stone.jpg

Richard Nixon continues to inspire, even from beyond.

Gay American Jim McGreevey’s resignation as New Jersey’s Governor prompted speculation he’d rise Nixon-like from the political grave, or not.

Now former New Jersey resident Nixon has returned to McGreevey’s life, but not in the good way. McGreevey’s embroiled in divorce proceedings with his wife, and claims his circumstances render him practically unemployable.

The wife’s lawyer John Post says McGreevey needs to buckle down and do a Nixon.

“Post dismissed the argument that McGreevey is unable to find work, saying even Richard Nixon wrote books and made money on the lecture circuit after resigning the presidency under the glare of impeachment.

“The notion that there is some notoriety or disgrace that can’t be overcome if the person wants to do it is another flaw in [McGreevey’s] analysis,” Post said.”

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