Reaction Shot

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Amidst the dazzle of Dallas’s Bush Library-To-Be is an element of vindication seeking, that the immortal stain of the Kennedy assassination be lifted from the city.

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Others aren’t sure a Bush Library will do the trick. The Dallas Observer‘s Jim Schutze points to the multiple investigations underway of Bush Administration’s war conduct, and the plausible result: war crimes indictments.

“I’m not really asking you to take a position one way or the other on whether any of it will stick. I’m just pointing out that if Southern Methodist University goes ahead …then all of this will stick right here…First we get the video of the people…bringing war crimes allegations against Bush and his key aides. Then we cut to Dallas for the reaction shot… Karl Rove, chief warden of the think tank, pooh-poohing war crimes. We are about to become the world capital of war crimes pooh-poohing.”

Leaving Dallas hoping for forgetfulness.

“If your only source of information on all this were the Morning News, you might come away thinking the main question is how valuable Bush will be to local tourism. Better than the Wax Museum? Better than the Kennedy assassination? We earn our tourists the hard way. Soon enough, the News tells its readers, all the quibbles about George Bush’s policies will pass into that bland miasma we never really paid much attention to in the first place—i.e., history.”

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