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Dick Cheney speaks for all of chattering America in promoting the glories of our least elected President, Gerald Ford.

His decency? Essential!

“One of the toughest decisions was also one of the earliest –– when he announced the pardon of Richard Nixon. For that he was attacked from every conceivable angle. His judgment, his timing, his intelligence, his motives, his personal integrity –– all of these were called into question. His public approval rating sank dramatically. But the President had made his decision carefully, and he had put the interest of the country first. He kept his head about him, even when it seemed that many others in Washington were losing theirs and blaming it on him.”

One former Ford official ain’t buying it. Jerald terHorst was press secretary to President Ford, and quit a month into Ford’s administration over the Nixon pardon. Reporters have looked him up in the wake of the Scott McClellan story, and terHorst is sticking to his stand.

“I think no man is above the law. You need to make a stand. That’s what citizenship is, in my book.”

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