Fords to City: Drop Dead

For Some It Never Ends ford-the-healing-begins-time-cover.jpg

Grand Rapids continues to salute former President Gerry Ford, despite the indifference of the Ford family.

No family members plan to attend the premier of a Ford musical tribute, “One of Us, Portrait of a Humble Healer.” This latest slap to local pride comes Friday when the Grand Rapids Symphony premiers the work, accompanied by David “The Tom DeFrank of Pictures” Kennerly’s photographs.

No one from the immediate family
attended the 2007 dedication of Gerald R. Ford Middle School.

Longtime local Ford memorialist Marty Allen says the Ford’s desperately await the music’s CD release. Next Fall.

“I know the family wants it done, because they can’t be here,” Allen told the Grand Rapids Press. “And they’re anxious to hear it.”

Allen is Chairman Emeritus of the Library, and cementing his place in history as Ford family stand in. The Ford Library even holds a painting commemorating the historic day when he received the flag ford-allen-flag-photo.jpg which had flown at half staff to mark Ford’s death.

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